Monday, May 30, 2005

Beautiful, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

I took this photo yesterday on a day out at my sisters weekend retreat, her caravan set in the grounds of a stately home, it just stood out as being so beautiful. Not sure if you can see it but all the wild flowers and fungi are growing on a dead tree stump.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

DL Bag, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

My latest Ebay purchase lol.

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Covers album is "YEAH!"?

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Monday, May 16, 2005

evening sky, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

I took this picture tonight with my mobile phone as I was driving back home from my nieces house, I just thought it looked......heavenly.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ok so this is the last post about Ireland (phew can I hear you all saying lol?), anyway after breakfast we did a bit of sightseeing and shopping, took a few pictures, went back to the Hard Rock Cafe again (I had to see Joe's guitar one more time lol, I know I'm a sad git) then went for lunch in a bar full of Welsh Rugby players, boy were they loud but fun, then headed to the airport for the worst flight home ever, I swear the plane dropped the last 100 feet onto the runway, I never thought it would come to a stop on the ground, it just kept on going, I was bracing myself on the seat in front lol, I'm so pathetic, it was probably a normal flight as everyone else seemed fine, I have flown loads of times you would think I would be used to it by now, but no.

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Town, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Street, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Post Office, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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River again, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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River, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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River, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Today is my youngest niece's Birthday she will be 22, Happy Birthday Gemini, love you lot's. I'm surely not old enough to have a neice that old am I? Not only that I'm now a great Aunt as she gave birth to a baby boy 2 years ago, I'm def not old enough for that, I'm only 35 lol. Then if that wasn't enough, my eldest niece is 32 this year, I guess you could say my mum had me late in life, she was 41, my dad was 47!!!! and my sister is now 51. I'm the baby lol. My mum always says though that I have kept her youthful and I'm glad.

Btw I still have to get round to posting my last day in Ireland unless you were bored to tears with the rest of it lol......I'll do it tomorrow, when I have more time.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Sandy is there something wrong with your blog as I have only been getting a blank white page for the last couple of days? Anyone else having problems?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Day 2 Saturday 7th May

We got up quite early and ate a hearty breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the food was scrummy and you could eat as much as you wanted to, then we walked to the Guinness Factory, it was about 2 miles but quite easy to find, you could smell it before you could see it, it smelt just like Horlicks. It was an interesting tour telling you all about the history of how Guinness was made (obviously), to making the barrels it was stored in and how it was shipped to various places, then you go to the top of the building which had a round bar with a panoramic view of Dublin where we got our free pint of yes you guessed it.........Guinness. I bought a pink and grey t-shirt with the Guinness Dublin Ireland logo, a bar towel for Richard and a couple of postcards. We then took a leisurely stroll back and stopped off for a bite to eat in a pub on the way getting wet through in the process as it chucked it down.

Again everyone decided to have a nap so I decided if it was going to be a long night I would join them (not literally lol). We then got ready for our night out again but this time dressed in a theme, Cowboys & Indians, I was a Cowboy or rather Cowgirl dressed in a denim skirt, leather waistcoat, cowboy boots & hat and managed to find a toy shop in Dublin that sold guns in holsters (decided it wasn't a good idea to take the guns with us even if they were toy ones as it may have caused a bit of a stir in the airport lol).

We stopped of at a pub on the way which was full of locals and I got chatting with a guy who I asked if any famous people drank there, he reeled off a few names so I dropped a certain name into the conversation and he says "oh yeah I've spoke to him, he told me he moved here to avoid paying high taxes," well we all know that's true so I guess he must have spoke to him. We then went back to Temple Bar but only went to 2 bars all night as they were so busy it was easier to stay where you were rather than move on, lots of live Irish music and Malibu & coke's but to say I drank so much I wasn't really drunk which I am glad about as I hate a hangover the next morning although Bridget was a bit worse for wear, but it was her hen do. Unfortunately the new batteries I put in my camera must have been duff because when I tried to take pictures of us in our outfits there was no power to my camera.........damn.

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Guinness Factory, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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You can just make out the sea in the distance.

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Another view, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

Isn't the sky beautiful.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

My Dublin Trip Day 1 Friday 6th May.

The minibus picked us up at 4.15am Friday morning to take us to Manchester Airport for Bridget's Hen weekend. There were 8 of us in total celebrating my friend and ex co-worker, Bridget's do. The flight was on time, only took 30 minutes and was a really good flight (if all flight's were like this then it wouldn't bother me, you see I have this really bad fear of flying). We arrived in Dublin at 08:20am but instead of grabbing a taxi we decided to take the 20 minute journey to our hotel by bus, except it took us 1 hour and 15 minutes, although this didn't bother me as it meant we saw more of the city.

Upon arrival at our hotel, we were informed that our rooms were not going to be ready until 2pm so we left our luggage and headed off to Temple bar, a street full of pubs and bars (I thought it was the name of a bar lol) to get a taste of traditional Irish ales. (I know, it was early in the day still). My first drink was a glass of Guinness of course (you cant go to Dublin and not try Guinness lol), anyhow the locals were very friendly people, wanting to know where we were from and on telling them Yorkshire, they immediately mentioned rugby and reeled off all the teams in our area. We stayed in the Temple Bar area for most of the afternoon then went back to our hotel to check into our rooms.

I shared with Bridget and her sister-in-law Paula, who immediately announced they were going to take a nap before getting ready to go out to that night lol, I was like what? I was full of beans and was raring to go, anyhow I relaxed a bit and listened to some Def Leppard on my mini disc player while they snored their heads off for a couple of hours.

We then got ready to go out and whilst in the hotel bar we kitted Bridget in her bride to be apparel (much to her dismay lol) which included a red bride to be sash, a red feather boa, a whip and a head band with horns that said horny lol.

Making our way back to Temple Bar again we did a pub crawl of the area, I decided that if I drunk beer or lager all night it would blow me up so I decided to stick to shorts and cocktails and seeing as my favourite cocktail is a Strawberry Daiquiri, I decided to start off with them, then went on to drink Malibu & Coke's. I could see the Hard Rock Cafe in the distance and was dying to get there to see if Joe's guitar was on display yet, I mean I can't come all this way and not check can I now? Much to my delight it was decided that we would head there for something to eat later on in the evening.

Ok so we go to the Hard Rock Cafe and upon asking about this certain guitar the waitress leads me over to where it's displayed on the wall, of course I had my picture took with it and took several others too, although I am sure Joe would like to know they spelt his name wrong on the plaque beneath it. They missed of one of the t's at the end, shame on them.

So we ate and drank some more and I had another Strawberry Daiquiri and bought the glass I drank out of because it was so cute, plus I always buy something from the Hard Rock Cafe, well who wouldn't?

Nothing much else happened the first night so we headed back to our hotel as we had planned to visit the Guinness Factory next morning.

See photos below.

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Bridget, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Us, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Hard Rock Cafe, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Joe's Guitar, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Plaque, originally uploaded by Mystkate.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Yes I am still here lol, just don't seem to have much to say at the moment. It's my hubby, Richard's, 30th birthday today, lol I know what your thinking I have got a toyboy he he, anyway wonder if he will be impressed that he shares his birthday with a Leppard, the 6th Leppard that is, I'll tell him later, although I can't imagine he's gonna jump through hoops lol.

Had a busy weekend, Saturday night we went out to celebrate Richards Birthday in a town called Huddersfield, we went to this bar that none of us had been to in ages, it used to be The Chigago Rock cafe so I was looking forward to it although now its a Drag Queen bar...........oh my what fun did we have, we told the Drag Queen DJ it was Richards birthday and he kept saying over the mike "clench those buttocks Richard," no doubt he was lol. We then blagged our way into the VIP lounge and stayed there all night and drunk free, yes FREE champagne all night (although I doubt it was real champagne the way they were tipping it down our throats) but still it saved us a hell of a lot of money. On our way out there were 2 more Drag Queens outside and one made a beeline for me I was like "go away your showing me up," he/she was a damn sight better looking than me lol, anyway for a laugh I told them it was Richards birthday and asked if they had any vacancies for him, so what does this bloke in drag do he plants a kiss on his cheek, turns round, lifts up his dress and bends over lol saying "yeah there's a vacancy here," the look on my hubby's face was priceless lol, he was nearly running down the street to get away lol, ha ha me and my mate Julie were just about wetting ourselves we were laughing that much lol.

Yesterday we went to an amusement park called Lightwater Valley, was a waste of money in my opinion as I dont like roller coasters and such although the weather was nice so it was a pleasant day even though I had to sit and wait for everyone while they went on the rides, I even got sunburnt without realising, yes I can't believe its England either.

Today got hubby his fishing license and gave him some money for his birthday, then we ate chinese tonight for tea, yummieeeeeee, I just wish I could eat to live and not the other way round lol.

Thats about it folks, the next entry will probably be next week when I get back from Dublin, so I am hoping to have some pictures if anyone is interested?

Hugs - Kate.

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